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SciTec Leans Forward in Establishing New Office in El Segundo, California

El Segundo, California

Anticipating continued growth in our space systems business, SciTec established an office in El Segundo in support of US Space Force customers and aerospace industry partners. “We’ve been successful with distributed operations during the COVID pandemic, but it will be great to have this new office available for direct collaboration as the community reopens,” said Dr. Ian Craig, SciTec’s Research Scientist spearheading the Southern California contingent.

“This office provides us the venue to rejoin face-to-face meetings with customers and partners as well as support our growing cadre of scientists, engineers, and developers here in El Segundo.” he continued.

Located on Apollo Street, the SciTec office is a short drive from Los Angeles Air Force Base, home to the US Space Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center, which is close to The Aerospace Corporation, major DoD prime contractors, and countless aerospace suppliers and startups. The office will feature open work environments, secure work areas, and conference/demo facilities.

SciTec will integrate the El Segundo office into our collaborative R&D communities of practice and distributed “App Factory” with appropriate dedicated and cloud DevSecOps resources

Jim Lisowski, SciTec’s CEO stated, “With this new El Segundo office, SciTec is continuing our history of opening offices to better engage our aerospace and defense customers, support our growing on-site staff, and foster relationships with our industry teammates. We’ll be ready to welcome visitors to our new office as soon as the COVID restrictions are lifted. We see this physical presence as key to building day-to-day working relationships with the Space Force and our industry partners as we engage in the development and transition to operations of the next generation of space systems and associated ground- and space-based mission processing capabilities.”

SciTec Inc., headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, opened offices in Dayton, Ohio (2005); Huntsville, Alabama (2008); Boulder, Colorado (2011); Herndon, Virginia (2015); and now in El Segundo, California (2021).