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Our Mission


As the challenge evolves, we evolve faster. We deliver best-in-class mission-enabling technologies and end-to-end system solutions for our customers’ most difficult and important problems.

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Our Vision


Deliver persistent information dominance. Empower our workforce at every level to create, contribute, and grow. Innovate and adapt to address ever-evolving challenges.



SciTec synergizes modeling & simulation, rapid prototyping, and operational evolution—the “SciTec Triad”—to advance remote-sensing capabilities from concept to operational reality. This agile, interrelated, scientific approach combined with close collaboration with our customers ensures that our products satisfy operational mission needs.

Since 1979


Founded in Princeton, New Jersey, in 1979, SciTec provides its customers with unique capabilities in physics-based modeling, target and background phenomenology, signal processing, and custom instrument design. A decade of steady growth led to our company being acquired by TRW in 1989. In 2003, shortly after TRW was acquired by Northrop Grumman, SciTec returned to its roots as an independent company. We have since grown and expanded operations throughout the country to support our customers.


SciTec technologies are part of satellite ground stations, command and control centers, military test ranges, and spacecraft processors. Our analysts and engineers work side by side with military and civilian counterparts to ensure mission success.

Grow with us


When we say that we are a “non-traditional contractor,” we mean that SciTec views you as more than someone who fills a seat to drive revenue. SciTec’s greatest strength is the creativity, dedication, and enthusiasm of our staff. Our research, development, and engineering efforts are executed by small, interdisciplinary teams led by experienced principal investigators and senior engineers. This approach provides employees the opportunity to make significant contributions to solving customer problems while growing personally and professionally.