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The Right Solutions for the Hardest Problems

Forty Years on the Cutting Edge

The world brings problems; SciTec builds solutions. Our team is committed to delivering cutting-edge advanced sensor systems, data-processing algorithms, and testing equipment for defense, national security, and civil applications. As a certified small business, our core focus is getting innovative technologies tailored to our customers’ most pressing needs out of the laboratory and into the field. SciTec scientists, engineers, and developers bring world-class expertise and fresh thinking to solve the hardest problems in remote sensing. The same principles we adopted when we started in 1979 continue to guide us today: we commit to addressing ever-evolving challenges through continual innovation and adaptation with an empowered and dedicated workforce.


R&D Philosophy:
The SciTec Triad


SciTec combines all three elements of the system development process—system modeling, prototype development, and operational evolution—in a single company that’s agile and responsive to customer needs. Working closely with our customers, we combine these skills to deliver end-to-end system solutions that are on schedule, on budget, and on the forefront of current technology.

end to end system solutions
Full Spectrum Capability

We deliver expertise for every phase of sensor operations.

System Engineering
Mission Data
Processing & Analysis
System Simulation
and Modeling

Always Innovating

We never stop pushing the limits of what’s possible.

5 Reasons to Work For A Defense Contractor

5 Reasons to Work For A Defense Contractor

Aerospace and defense companies are not obvious choices for tech professionals to launch their careers. However, the aerospace and defense industry plays a critical role in supporting America’s national security objectives and driving our economy. The manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers that make up the American aerospace and defense industry are playing a transformative role […]

Defense Contractors Needed, No Delays Due to COVID-19

Defense Contractors Needed, No Delays Due to COVID-19

With the federal and state governments asking nearly all workers to practice “social distancing” by staying at home, this begs the question, “Who is considered an essential worker?” The Defense Department considers defense contractors as “critical infrastructure” to national security. This designation comes with a requirement to maintain a consistent, regular work schedule amidst the […]

The Space Force Ventures Into Colorado for Expansion

The Space Force Ventures Into Colorado for Expansion

Congress approves the Space Force’s proposed budget of $148 million for a Consolidated Space Operations Facility at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado. “The CSOF is a next-generation facility,” stated Representative Doug Lamborn during a press conference hosted by the Space Foundation on February 11th. The structure was solicited two years prior by the U.S. Air […]