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Employee Ownership Transition

November 16, 2023 – This morning SciTec’ers around the country looked in the mirror at new owners of the company – Themselves! We are proud to announce today the partial sale of SciTec to the SciTec Employee Stock Ownership Trust.

In keeping with our employee-centric culture, SciTec, Inc. established an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), making everyone in the company an owner. Under this partial ESOP transaction, SciTec retains its proven leadership team and mission-focused culture while sharing the future growth of the company with the team that makes it all possible – our stellar employees. 

Employee-ownership provides long-term financial benefit for our staff and their families. They collectively and individually have stake in the outcome of SciTec’s work.  And employee-ownership further benefits our customers and their programs by providing a staff that is empowered, invested, and accountable for SciTec’s performance.  In addition to the ESOP benefit, we maintain our 401K matching and annual Success Sharing programs. 

For 45 years SciTec’s greatest strength was our Employees.  Now that strength is our Employee-Owners. #DefendTheFuture