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5 Reasons to Work For A Defense Contractor

Aerospace and defense companies are not obvious choices for tech professionals to launch their careers. However, the aerospace and defense industry plays a critical role in supporting America’s national security objectives and driving our economy. The manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers that make up the American aerospace and defense industry are playing a transformative role in the U.S. 

In 2018, the aerospace and defense industry was responsible for over 2.5 million total jobs and contributed over $374 billion to the GDP of the United States. Let’s dive deeper into the benefits of being a part of an aerospace and defense firm.

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Make Your Mark

Defense companies are technology companies – but with missions bigger than creating the next hot gadget for the holidays.

They make radars, sensors, missile interceptors, precision munitions, data-analysis tools, and command-and-control systems for the United States government and allied militaries. The industry also develops technology for civilian government agencies. Defense contractors also produce cybersecurity, protecting everything from intellectual property to personal data.

Commercial companies and tech startups get much of the recognition for the innovations that have changed daily life. Still, many of those technologies came directly from the aerospace and defense contracting sectors.

The Internet was initially a DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, project, as well as GPS, the cell phone, the computer mouse, and drones. Many eyes now focus on the industry’s future innovations, including those in unmanned flight, space exploration, and further commercialization of space travel.

Consider the excitement of developing innovations that last a lifetime and beyond. “People in the industry believe in what they do,” said Dan Stohr, Director of Communication for the Aerospace Industries Association. 

“This is noble work,” he said. “The people who are in charge of keeping the nation and our skies safe are pointing to us with real gratitude for the work that we do.”

Fly Past Entry Level 

The best-known tech companies become flooded with resumes. That means you may spend years fighting the pack to get beyond an entry-level job. At defense companies – especially smaller businesses – the opportunities for promotions, tuition reimbursement, learning opportunities, and challenging, important assignments are often much more common.

Achieve That Work-Life Balance

While defense offices rarely have foosball tables or bean bags like a Silicon Valley tech company, but many offer something better: flexibility and stability.

Unlike a tech startup, which often works under constant pressure to get products to market, defense contractors work on government contracts with a fixed time and payment schedule. This work structure allows improved time management for employee schedules to ensure the achievement of milestones.

Meet Diverse People

Aerospace and defense companies lure fascinating people: astronauts, quantum physicists, former animators, admirals, war heroes, and an abundance of tech enthusiasts.

Those who work for defense contractors come from diverse backgrounds. Many of them have had experience working in the armed forces and could tell you a story or two. Others have been studying and working with cutting-edge technology for years. 

Equal Opportunity is Real

Nationwide, women make about 20 percent less than men do, according to the United States Department of Labor. The U.S. government takes steps to ensure equal pay of federal contractors. The Office of Federal Contract Compliance regularly conducts pay audits, and SciTec takes steps to prevent disparities based upon age, gender, ethnicity, and other factors.

Fostering diversity benefits the company by creating a better workplace with differing perspectives, developing better technology in the long run.

Serious Benefits

Defense contractors are known for providing exceptional benefits because of how much they value their employees’ work and dedication, and SciTec is no different.

  1. Generous PTO that increases with each year of service
  2. Success Sharing Plan – Discretionary annual cash bonus and 401K contribution
  3. 100% Tuition Reimbursement for approved coursework
  4. Long- and Short-term Disability Plans
  5. Life Insurance Plan with Additional Employee and Family options
  6. Nationally accepted cost-shared Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance Plan

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