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SciTec Awarded U.S. Army Contract for Missile Simulator Support

PRINCETON, N.J., July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SciTec Inc., was awarded a $26.6M contract from the U.S. Army to continue system development and technical support for missile simulators for the joint Service agency Center for Countermeasures.  Under this 5-year effort SciTec will maintain and improve the Joint Mobile Infrared Countermeasure Test System (JMITS) and Multi-Spectral Sea and Land Target System (MSALTS) missile simulators in support of threat warning system acquisition, test, and evaluation; training; and military exercises.

“We’re excited to continue support of the JMITS and MSALTS systems we developed for the countermeasure test community,” said Nancy Straman, SciTec’s Executive Director for Instrumentation, Measurement, and Test.  “We’re proud of the fact that JMITS has been continuously deployed supporting the community for over 15 years.”  

These missile simulator systems are custom-built with unique hardware, electronics, and software to generate realistic missile plume signatures.  SciTec applies spiral development to upgrade these systems as test needs evolve to meet advancing threats and the increasing sophistication of missile warning systems aboard fixed and rotary wing aircraft.  Under this contract SciTec also provides calibration, field test support, data analysis, and maintenance services. 

Work will be performed at SciTec’s Princeton, New Jersey instrumentation fabrication and lab facility and in the field as necessary to support our customers.