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Space Force Asks for the Help of Small Businesses in First Pitch Day

The newest branch of the armed forces is opening its doors to contractors and small businesses since its founding in December of 2019. They were quick to the get-go for the acquisition of new and emerging technologies, specifically in the areas of “weather, business systems and information technology that facilitate spacelift mission success.” 

The first Space Force Pitch Day will be March 4th. This event will be the first chance for defense and information technology contractors to get a feel for the newly launched branch and leave directly with a contract and necessary funds. This initial pitch day emulates the Air Force’s Small Business Innovation Program. The SBIP held $40 million in contracts for innovative technologies for secure communications, down-range battlefield operations, and digital technologies.

seal of the united states space force

The Sixth Branch Searching for Innovators

The Air Force, the parent branch of Space Force, recognized the potential in innovation that small businesses – those with less than 500 employees- could deliver with the backing of the U.S. government. For small defense contractors, this expansion brings mass opportunities for projects put on the backburner or dynamic concepts in need of funding.

According to the Contracting Opportunities brief, “The Space Force intends to obtain ‘innovative’ solutions or potential new capabilities that fulfill requirements, close capability gaps or provide potential technology advancements.” 

During their initial lunch, Space Force is focused on seemingly simple installation and housekeeping issues, but are just as important to ensuring readiness and the success of operations. In regards to installation problem areas, asks of contractors include quality control, human resources, communications, civil engineering, transportation, environmental, business systems and information technology.

SciTec is looking forward to contributing to the innovative advancements in the Department of Defense. We expect that Space Force is going to come out with another broader set of topics and focuses once the newest branch of government gains more traction and defined direction. 

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