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SciTec awarded contract by The Space Development Agency

April 7, 2021.  The Space Development Agency (SDA) awarded SciTec a contract under their Mission-Specific Application Prototypes (MSAP) research Broad Agency Announcement.  Under this effort SciTec and our partner, Expedition Technology, will develop and demonstrate robust mission data processing in support of SDA’s Battle Management Command, Control, and Communications (BMC3) objectives for the Tracking Layer.  Delivering prototype capabilities to support SDA’s Tranche 0 demonstrations is the key focus of the project.  

“Our nation cannot delay fielding a next-generation threat-driven space architecture. SDA has charged us with an aggressive schedule to help deliver Tranche 0 end-to-end demonstrations to the warfighter,” said David Simenc, SciTec’s Tactical Portfolio Lead.  “Our innovative OPIR microservice open architecture codebase and experience implementing into a variety of ground systems and on-board processors allows us to deliver superior performance at breakneck speed.  We’re excited to be part of SDA’s National Defense Space Architecture (NDSA) team.”

Dr. Jen Wilbur, project Principal Investigator added, “Getting to full autonomous BMC3 across a proliferated LEO architecture against the threats of interest is very challenging.  The MSAP effort provides us the opportunity to leverage several of our high-TRL technologies to research and demonstrate the solutions to that challenge. The exciting part is that we’re not waiting 5-10 years to demonstrate success on real data as we typically experience on major acquisition programs.  We’ll be doing that in less than 18 months!”