SciTec Locations & Facilities

SciTec's corporate headquarters are in Princeton, New Jersey. The Princeton location also hosts the main laboratory and computing facilities, and the majority of SciTec technical personnel.

SciTec opened an office in Fairborn, Ohio in 2005, to enhance our expanding support the National Air and Space Intelligence Center and other customers. In 2007, SciTec opened an office in Huntsville Alabama to expand support to the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) and Missile and Space Intelligence Center (MSIC).

For more on career opportunities at the New Jersey, Ohio, and Alabama offices, see the above Employment link on this page.

Princeton Location

100 Wall Street
Princeton New Jersey 08540

Fairborn Location

2970 Presidential Drive Suite 150
Fairborn Ohio 45324

Huntsville Location

150 West Park Loop
Huntsville, Alabama 35806-1760

Boulder Location

6075 Longbow Drive
Suite 210
Boulder, CO 80301

Computing Facilities

SciTec has invested in a combination of high-end workstations, PCs, and laptops to support all aspects of technical work, including intensive numerical simulations using SciTec and industry standard physics based models. A number of PCs are dedicated for field use and are configured for rapid data acquisition and analysis. Design engineers also have access to CAD packages to support mechanical, optical, and electronic system development.

Lab Facilities

SciTec's laboratory facilities have been designed to support both hardware development and field testing. The facility consists of over 7500 square feet of laboratories, system assembly areas, and a machine shop. The recently redesigned optics laboratory provides an optical path of 30 meters inside the building. SciTec has a large investment in capital equipment for instrument fabrication, laboratory testing, calibration, and field testing.

To support in-house electronics subassembly prototyping and PC card fabrication, the electronics laboratory includes state-of-the-art benchtop test equipment, a surface mount soldering station, an automated circuit board router, and an extensive inventory of electronic components and integrated circuits, as well as a number of electronics CAD applications installed on SciTec's computer network. The facilities allow for rapid design and prototyping of custom circuits.

SciTec also has capital equipment to support calibration and testing both in the lab and in the field. Electro-optic calibration sources include a number of standard lamps and thermal sources covering the UV through LWIR. In addition, SciTec owns a number of lasers suitable for both laboratory and field use. SciTec's testing facilities include an environmental chamber which is used to measure the impact of temperature and humidity on instrument performance.